Jan 122015

I think a lot of people may have seen Susan Higginbotham’s Tudor Cosmo girls. I thought they were really funny so I decided to try my hand at making a Stuart one.

And, presto, here is the Anne of Denmark issue!

I’m offering a slight breakdown for those not extremely familiar with Anne (less people are as familiar with the Stuarts as they are with the Tudors, and part of the idea with making this was changing that in a sort of fun and light-hearted way).

Anne was born a Danish princess and was the wife of James I. Thus she was queen of Scotland until 1603 when she also became queen of England and moved south, never to return to Scotland (she obviously thought England preferable to the cold north).

She was raised a Lutheran and James wanted her to be Anglican but she had strong Catholic sympathies, and finally converted. For a long time no one (including the Catholic church) was sure of her position and she would play them against each other and keep everybody guessing. She is also famous for favouring a very formal and elaborate court fashion with big hair (as you can see) and massive round farthingales. James I’s court was infamous for its heavy drinking, a habit supposedly imported with Anne from Denmark and she was know not to (as the Swedish expression goes) “spit in the glass” herself.

And if her man was gay was probably something she did ask herself on more than one occasion. Not that “gay” existed as a concept in the 17th century, but she probably wondered what really went on in his bedchamber. I mean, the rest of England certainly did…

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